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High School League

RBFC High School League

RBFC is proud to offer a High School League (Girls only), starting in the Spring of 2020, the Teams will play on Monday nights at Amend Park. Games will begin on Monday April 6th and will end on Monday May 25th. 

1. Teams will be organized by high school.

2.  Teams will play on Monday nights at Amend Park. Games will begin on Monday April 6th and will end on Monday May 25th.

3. Games will be competitive.  There will have referee's and score will be kept.  The two top teams (based on points) will play in end of season championship.

4. Real Billings FC will also offer a competitive travel option for players looking to play at the next level.  Competitive team will be a combined group from the four high schools.  This team will train on Wednesday nights and will be coached by Coach Duffy (Current RMC Head Coach).  Players will have to tryout to make the competitive travel team and there will be additional costs involved. 

1. Will there be a tryout? 
No.  If you are of the high school attending age you will be placed according to the high school that you attend, you are automatically on the team.  This will give the team additional training and game opportunities that will enable them to continue to grow and improve as an individual and as a team.

2. Are there additional game opportunities? 
Yes.  Each team will be issued player cards and rosters through RBFC.  The team will have the ability to set-up additional weekend game and tournament opportunities.  Additional games will be determined by the level of interest of the team. 

3. How often and where will teams train? 
Games will be every Monday and training will take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights. 

4. Can I play Soccer and participate in Track, Tennis, Softball etc?
Yes, (based on numbers).  RBFC wants this program to be flexible so that we can accommodate the soccer needs of the local high school community.

5. What if we cannot field enough players from our high school? Players will be placed on combined teams so that everyone is able to participate.

6. What are the Costs? 
Payable directly to the club:
Registration - $250
League Fee - $30 (covers the cost of field space and officials)
Uniform Fee - Jerseys (2) will be provided - participants will  need to purchase shorts and socks, if the participant has not played in the RBFC League. 

7. Are there any additional/optional fees?
Teams that utilize Amend Park for practice would have a $50 per person field rental fee. Additional fees will apply if team chooses to attend tournaments. 

8. Who will coach the team? 
Each team will have the ability to recruit a coach of their choice.  RBFC will help in the recruitment and selection of qualified coach.

9. Will there be a boy's high school league in the future?  RBFC is open to discussion on a boy's league for the spring if there is enough interest.

10. Why RBFC?
RBFC’s primary objective is to provide a cost effective and competitive soccer experience.

Please contact RBFC Director of Coaching Richard Duffy for more information -